Friday 27 February 2009

Snow Patrol Actually Good?

Ok I know many people will tune out the moment they see the words 'Snow Patrol' but they shouldn't, they really shouldn't. I don't advocate the attitude of 'lets write the poppiest song we can manage that will sell millions but annoy anyone who actually liked the proper songs off our first 2 albums' a lá the six note dirge that was 'Chasing Cars', but there are a few gems that they have and for me those songs are always worth digging for.

The best example of this is 'Somewhere a Clock is Ticking' from their 2003 album 'Final Straw'. This song is something of a what-could-have-been song for me as it showcases the potential they have to write absolutely epic 4 and a half minute rock songs. The song starts off with a quiet introspective guitar, the odd electronic click and the songs main refrain, but it slowly builds and as the song progresses, creates a huge wall of crashing guitars and violins that assaults your eardrums with chaotic noise.

Songs that actually make me feel like I felt when I was discovering bands for the first time are few and far between, but this is one of them and for that Snow Patrol have earned some forgiveness in my eyes.

Snow Patrol - Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking


Sinister said...

I feel the need to jump in and say "stop hate mongering you fasict" until i realised all the songs i like by Snow Patrol are in fact off the first album


Thought the latest stuff ain't all that bad in fairness...

ChrisNoise said...

Its not that I've a problem with the new songs and a lot of them are quite catchy its just that I hear this kind of song and just wish I could hear more of that element of the band.