Tuesday 1 June 2010

You Make Me Sic.

hello children,

Cowboy X put up a new track on their myspaz today...

It's called "Sic".

There is only one word I can use to describe it at this moment and that word is IMMENSE

It has been a live favourite for about a year now and every time I heard it at a gig it made me long for a studio version of my very own, such is the beauty and intensity of the track as a whole. The tender vulnerability of Karen McCartney's vocals over an intricately layered synth pop riff that builds and builds into an epic electro-rock stomper of a finish.

This is a seriously special track which only serves to prove yet again that Cowboy X are a band that deserve far more recognition and success than they are currently recieving. No plans for a release date as of yet but here's hoping they at least stick it up on itunes at some point... pweeze?