Friday 20 February 2009

The Brit Awards Last Night

Last night the annual "lets-award-the-most-mainstream-and-predictable-artists" awards occured last night in Earl's Court, London.

Here is my blow by blow analysis of the evenings events:

  • James Corden, Matt Horne and Kylie Minogue opening the show by taking the piss out of the "Cant Get You Out Of My Head" video: Those boys aren't bad dancers! They even kept time & everything!
  • U2 performing their new single "Get On Your Boots" which is a fairly brainless but generally listenable song until the part where Bono utters the word "sexy" and it all goes terribly wrong: Well, Bono looked like a bit of a plank in that deus ex machina position at the beginning waving his arms and legs around but on the whole i guess it wasn't bad... they are starting to look a bit status quo-like though.
  • Girls Aloud finally winning a Brit Award after 7 years in the business: In the words Sarah Harding (the short haired blonde one who pretends to be indie sometimes) when the girls went up to accept their award... "Its about time!!" Too right Sarah. GA4EVA!
  • Kings of Leon performing "Use Somebody" interspersed with with shots of the celebrity section of the audience not really giving a shite: as one youtuber commented, they should've just played down the local pub to a real crowd. DAMN those boys are looking fine these days though... and Caleb Followill... just goes to show what a decent hair cut can do for a guy.
  • Girls Aloud performing The Promise with giant pink feathers: Too many feathers. Just got annoying after a while... vocals didn't sound too bad though. Kimberly is still my fave though...
  • The Ting Tings and Estelle duet of Shut Up and Let Me Go/American Boy/Thats Not My Name aka the wierdest combination for mash up but yet it still works: "Shut Up..." and "American Boy" work oddly well together... the two lay-deez were a weensy bit flat though.
  • Duffy winning best album while Elbow look on utterly unimpressed as they had clearly expected to win: Rockferry is a distinctly average supermarket soul album with only one or two striking tracks so why it ended up winning is a complete mystery. But it was really sweet when Tom Jones who was presenting the award , a fellow welsh person, gave her warm congratulations before giving her the award. ah bless...
  • Tom Jones's hair: Talk about the silver fox!!
  • Pet Shop Boys closing the show with an extended medley featuring Lady Ga Ga in some sort of wedding china inspired ensemble and an awkward looking Brandon Flowers from the Killers wearing some feathers on the back of his jacket: A bit stilted in parts but overall a fairly deadly performance and keyboardist Chris Lowe's pink Andy Warhol hair was somewhat epic. Am v. excited about the new album too, if new single Love Etc is anything to go by!
Well there ya go sports fans! Hope you found all this very informative... Looking forward to next year's Tesco soul awards!

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