Sunday 1 February 2009

Money Don't Mean Much Here... The end of Daggers.

You may remember I recently posted a piece as part of my "Tips from the stable" article about the epic synth pop/rock outfit Daggers whom I have become increasingly obsessed with in recent months....

Well, imagine my shock and genuine, heartfelt disappointment to stumble onto their myspace page and find they have just announced their split, completely out of nowhere and without any reasons as to why they have done so. The final blog merely reads as follows:


It's over.

Thank you for everything.
You will never know what it means.


I really am properly gutted about this as I genuinely believed in this band and how truly awesome they were... all thats left of them now is a handful of tracks on iTunes and an all but deserted myspace page, stripped of all the tracks on their myspace player so one cannot even mourn them by wallowing in their musical brilliance one last time... I'm sounding mightily dramatic I know, but its merely cos I believe that if a fantastic band like Daggers, with so much potential on their side, feel the need to break up for whatever reason, then the music industry really is in a sorry state at the moment.

R.I.P Daggers...

You will be sadly missed.

Daggers - Money

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