Wednesday 16 December 2009

Placebo Tonight!

I'm off to see Placebo tonight so I thought I'd post a classic video to get in the mood.

Placebo - Pure Morning


Thursday 10 December 2009

We're a Godless Army.

In true Cowboy X style (i.e. a couple of months after the song was released natch') the brand spanking new video for Analogue Droids has finally been unleashed upon the world... or more specifically, premiered on RTE's new music show "When Under Ether" ( Tuesdays @ 11.50pm) which is attempting to fill void left by the excellent Nightshift, which disappeared when Channel 6 went tits up sometime last year, but which does a pretty good job of the whole thing.

Here is the video in question...

anyone else reckon they must have had some EPIC light sabre fights inbetween takes with all those awesome lazer deelys?


Friday 4 December 2009

New Live Talulah Does The Hula Choons Alert.

Happiness Machine favourites and personal chums Talulah Does The Hula have posted some new choons up on the ol' myspaz page which you may find quite rather pleasing to the ears...

The girls did a 2FM session there a couple of nights ago (which I missed due to being in the throes of a massive essay for college... boo) and recorded live versions of so far un-released but firm live favourites "Secret Lovers" and "Hells Bells" along with newer choon "Lovesick Losers".

The girlies (and guy) will be playing out the year at the Phantom New Years Ball at The Academy, Middle Abbey Street on the 31st of December (obv') so make sure to check em' out if you haven't so far this year!


Tuesday 1 December 2009

can't make it to the cinema this weekend?