Wednesday 4 February 2009

Drummer from Cowboy X admits "I don't know lyrics to own songs" - World reels in shock.

oh how i love to read the blogs on the cowboy x bebo page... this latest one reads:

Thanks to everyone who came to the gig in Whelan's last Thursday and to Cyprus Ave in Cork the following night.
Whelan's was especially good......we didn't realise how many people know the words to the songs......I don't even know the words to the songs.
There's already some good footage up on u-tube if anyone's interested

That and we'd like to thank the 'street team' if thats what you call them. Chris, Naimh, Tommy, Andy, Saranne and anyone else who put up posters.

Hope you had a good time...we bloody did!


oh, and yes that is our very own chris he mentions just there... im holding out for third time lucky that he finally remembers my name too! : p

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