Sunday 14 December 2008

The New Sins - The New Song!

Anyone who is a fan of New Young Pony Club will be aware that while front woman Tahita Bulmer and her brand of 80's-Madonna-on-acid stage craft gets the crowd pumping, it is sultry keyboardist Lou Hayter's effortless stage presence that really gets the hormones pumping, particularly if you happen to be a guy!

What you may not be aware of is her own effortless sexy and cool side project The New Sins who released a single way back in Febuary of this year by the name of "It Doesn't Work Like That" , a kind of chilled out "fuck you" to an ex boyfriend (you don't get many of those do you?). Well after what seems like AGES, the 'Sins have a brought out a new track called "Feeling Have Changed", another chilled out "fuck you" to an ex boyfriend, but even better! Here is the video...

...As you can clearly see, Lou Hayter is bloody hot. Bring on the hot album I say!

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