Monday 8 December 2008

Men and Music

Today was not a good day in college. I pretty much bombed my xmas accounting exam this morning (who examines people on accounting at xmas for christ's sake??sorry Jesus...) which I could just about handle until some wanker REALLY got in under my tits (not literally). The Games soc were havin a nice lil xmas party in the chapel which is our general student hang out area wit sweeties & coke & various games & such including guitar hero. I was just observing some loser I vaguely knew from the student union meetings playing a Slipknot song. He then commented to his friend how it was harder to play it on guitar hero than it was to play it for real& mentioned somethin about the picking style. I merely smiled and laughed sympathetically, saying I had had similar problems myself with the ol' guitar hero to which he rather snottily replied "yeah but that doesn't mean you know what I'm talking about" & then walked off.

It sounds like I'm overreacting I know but something about his manner really got to me. The thing is, anybody who knows me well enough knows I am obsessed with music & often have an encyclopedic knowledge at times depending on the sub category, so the one thing I really cannot STAND is people patronizing me and insinuating that I know less than I do, particularly if its coming from a guy. Heres a tip fellas, DONT patronize women about these things. You think it makes you look like the big shot but it doesn't. It simply shows that you are so insecure about women knowing more than you that you feel the need to put them down to make yourself feel good.

That is all.

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