Monday 8 December 2008

Chris Is The Hat

Roysh so Chris kinda stole my thunder by nabbing the first ever post on our brand spanking new blog we just set up (even though twas MY idea) but sure i cant hold that against him since he did the difficult part(actually converting the blog from a twinkle in my imagination to an actual tunnel of wonder through cyberspace... wow i sound like im on drugs here.) so hats off to Chris!

Look out for future posts from me once I learn how to upload mp3s! Hours of fun!!

*half an hour later* ooh! its happened...

So heres a track called Gabbi by the criminally underrated Cowboy X, the band that sound too good to be an Irish band. Expect more posts about how effing amazing these guys are in the near future...

Cowboy X - Gabbi

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