Tuesday 23 December 2008


Finally, after what seemed like eons, my copy of the "Arecibo EP" by Little Boots arrived through the bleedin' post! There were manufacturing problems apparently. Still, never have I appreciated the aesthetic beauty of a 12" more than I have with this record... *drools*

Anyhoo, as if I couldn't salivate enough, Bootsy is FINALLY releasing something outside of iTunes US! The forthcoming "Little Boots EP" will be released (according to my iTunes pre-order thingy) on 2nd of January and appears to feature the radio edit of Stuck on Repeat (the jury is still out on this one - its grown on me though...), a piano tenorian version of Meddle (awesome!!) and her gorgeous version of the Freddie Mercury track Love Kills which you can listen to on her myspace & all that jazz.

Typical innit? You wait for one Little Boots EP to show up and 2 come along at once...

In the meantime, just though I'd post this genius little mini mix Bootsy did for the Annie Mac show on Radio One a few weeks back and that I've had on repeat since. Only Bootsy could make Madonna and Haddaway seem effortlessly cool next to the likes of Fake Blood and Fan Death!

Little Boots - Automatic Lovers MiniMix

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