Thursday 15 January 2009

Those were the days pt 2...

WELL, after a period of solid immersion in the world of the Spice Girls throughout the ages of 12 and 13, the album that proceeded to crash, arse-first into my life and turn my musical world upside down was the seminal opus known as...


by the one and only Blink 182.

From "Don't Leave Me" to "Adam's Song", Every track on that album soundtracked my subsequent musical re-invention into a fully-fledged, baggy jeaned, safety-pinned, NOFX t-shirt wearing eejit/pop punk during my mid-teens. Man that was an awesome time... hanging out by the Temple Bar Music centre talking to randomers, going to Blast gigs, going out with my first boyfriend, wearing cheap "rock" jewellery from Claire's Accessories, going to my first ever concert (Green Day, Point Theatre, Dec 11th 2000), &just generally being young, free and stupid. In fact, pretty much all the themes "Enema Of The State" encompasses so well!

*sigh* Yeah...

...being stupid is great.

Top Track - Adam's Song

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