Tuesday 6 January 2009

This Honey Ain't So Sweet.

Gotta do a quick post bout this young singer songwriter girly by the name of Honey. Shes from somewhere in England and only about 15 but I just love her lil demos on her myspace page so much! She reminds me of how unbelievably exciting music can be when you're fifteen & you're all like "WOW!" & "OMG!This band is like SO amazing" and you have moments when you feel like you can take over the world with a simple song... Alot of that seems to fade a little when your older and a bit too caught up in trying to impress that guy in college whos really into Aphex Twin and math rock. She also has cool hair, which is always a plus.

I first saw her when she posted up a great little acoustic cover Meddle by Little Boots on youtube. She was unfortunately forced to delete her account & therefore the video soon after due to complete wankers leaving horrible comments on it. However upon my humble request she whipped up another version...

Heres one of her demos also. Its called Drop Dead Gorgeous & i think it kinda rocks.

Honey - Drop Dead Gorgeous

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