Saturday 16 May 2009

Very Important Eurovision Notice: If This Song Doesn't Win I Will Eat My Hat.

This below is the Norwegian entry for tonight's Eurovision song contest.

It's by a dude called Alexander Rybak and its called Fairytale.

As you can see, it is quite mad yet somehow strangely compelling and brilliant.

And that fiddle riff...


You see, THIS is the kind of song Ireland needs to be writing for the Eurovision! It's got that OTT trad feel to it while also incorporating that all important minor key to give it an Eastern European flavour. It also has a bit of an epic chorus goin' on. (We won't focus too much on the clumsy verse lyrics...)

Anyway, NOTE TO NEXT YEAR'S IRISH ENTRY: write something that sounds like this song!!!

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Liliana said...

I agree that this is a great entry, but I also think that the Eurovision has lost its way. I remember when singers had to sing in their own language and it was much better. I mean, each country has its own culture and traditions and that's what Eurovision should be all about, celebrating the diversity. Finally, I don't think that there's some magic ingredient to a successful song. There are many factors to be considered. The Norwegian song was good, but not THAT good. However, the singer was sympathetic and handsome, that's important too (shouldn't be, but these days it's more important the way you look than what you're capable of). The fiddle riff is amazing, but it's playback (look carefully and you'll see), so nobody's perfect...