Thursday 21 May 2009

Tesco Soul.

So, the new Passion Pit album is now on sale in Tesco of all places. To be honest, this doesn't bother me all that hugely as I was never really caught up in the whole Passion Pit hype apart from "Sleepyhead" but it does raise a question I've pondered alot recently - Why do we become so much less enamoured with a band once it becomes apparent that they are slowly but surely making their towards mainstream ubiquity?

Or, in my case, why do we become almost panic-y about the whole thing? Ever since the Little Boots media assault went into overdrive a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the release of her first proper debut single "New In Town" I have found myself staring at the radio in horror every time the song comes on SPIN 1038 & thinking desperately to myself "NO!! SHE'S MINE!! THE PLEBS WON'T LOVE HER LIKE I LOVE HER!!! like some quasi-lesbian stalker person and becoming more and more aware of the fact that this amazing secret little internet genius I discovered almost a year ago is now becoming a fully fledged popstar whose current audience will probably never know the beauty of of the full, 7 minute glory of the extended version of Stuck On Repeat because she's only put the radio edit on the final cut of her forthcoming debut album (WTF?!?). Don't get me wrong - I am most definitely not begrudging Ms. Hesketh the opportunity to fulfil her dreams of becoming, in her words "a proper popstar" and she completely deserves all the positive attention she is recieving and I will still worship her no matter what. What I am merely trying to point out is that it can be a sad feeling coming to terms with losing what once felt like a more personal relationship with a band you first discovered from the beginning... you start to feel more like a nameless face in a sea of a growing number of new fans that came late to the party. It sounds ridiculous I know but sometimes you just can't help these feelings no matter how trivial and dumb they seem!

Does anybody else ever feel this way?...

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The Great Mortomer said...

Well, I know exactly how you feel, but in a different way.

I was into Nickelback (don't laugh) before anyone. ANYONE. I had their first two albums before they became famous, then when they released Silver Side Up, everyone loved them, leaving me in the same situation as you are now with Ms. Boots. (stop laughing at me!) True it is that no one will understand the great songs that are on Nickelback's "unknown" albums (similar to you with the full version of Stuck On Repeat), but that to me makes them special. The "unknown" gems that only you know about are the songs that keep that personal feeling with the music/artist for me. I don't know if you'll see it the same, but I hope I've helped! :)

P.s. seriously, stop laughing at me. I know you are! ;)