Tuesday 26 May 2009

I don't know about you but...

...this really looks to be the moment that Guy Ritchie may have jumped the shark.


Sinister said...



When did Sherlock Holmes become a super heroes? With insipid "snatch-phrases' (Oh ho ho ho, see what i did there?) including the terribly witty 'No." what 7 horned demon of the pit birthed this cluster fuck of bad editing, bullet time fisting (EWWW!) and living dead? (Must have missed that book, Sherlock Holmes and the kingdom of the revenge of the crystal sith or something like that...)

Jumped the shark?
Smoked the shark or something...

ChrisNoise said...

I'm going to assume that there's no undead its just that people think that he came back to life. In all honesty I think it looks good. Not a huge fan of the catch phrases or the lighthearted cheeky chap Sherlock but maybe the rest of the film won't be completely like that. Sometimes trailers are edited to appeal to the proletariat.

ChrisNoise said...

But generally its not too far off. In the books Holmes boxes, fences, womanises, is addicted to opiates. Your not exactly talking about the most upstanding citizen of all time.

Sinister said...

Sherlock Holmes was a man of his times. His times were not exactly the most decent i'll admit, but where exactly did he womanise? i think ive read them all and i don't recall much of that, i seem to remember he is merely a genius who enjoys drugs a lot and is somewhat aloof and haughty.

As for the trailer being edited, its a huge trailer, if it hasn't captured the tone of the film thats not a good thing, it means Guy Ritchie is an even bigger idiot then i fear if he can't in 5 minutes capture a films feel.

And my other problem is how it looks, all action film sheen. Sherlock Holmes should be gritty Noir, even i'll accept a sort of CSI thriller-ish angle. But action?

Fuck your face Guy Ritchie. Literally remove your genitals and just fuck your brains out, so to speak.