Wednesday 7 October 2009

New Cowboy X Choons Alert / Shameless Plug

After a painfully long (for me) few months tucked away in the studio, Cowboy X have FINALLY announced the release of their brand new EP "Analogue Droids" which is out Friday October 9th...


To whet the appetite, the guys have thrown the title track up onto the ol' myspaz for your listening pleasure which also contains similar levels of amazing-ness. The even better part is that the entire EP is now up on iTunes for those of you with credit cards. Woot!

Now I know what you're thinking: "this just can't get any more amazing right?"


The band will be playing upstairs in Whelans, Wexford Street this Friday to launch the EP and none other than your devoted Happiness Machine bloggers Sally and Chris shall be playing support in the guise of our humble band Candy In My Heels... (Scroll down the page and click onto the link for our myspaz if you wanna check us out...)

See ya down the front hopefully!