Friday 2 October 2009

There's Always Some Fat Guy In Your Way.

In the world of Happiness Machine favourites Talulah Does The Hula, there is only one other song that i love more than "Those Girls"...

...and that song is "Brick For A Brain".

The very first Talulah track i ever heard, it contains the immortal lyric "Move ahead can't move ahead, there's always some fat guy in your way"... and I think we can all relate to that really can't we? Anyhoo, much to my delight I have just discovered a new unofficial video that the girls have thrown together to accompany the demo, made up of retro clips and footage and the like. Rather jolly don't you think?

Check out their myspace as the girls have some upcoming gigs this month (including a slot on this year's Hard Working Class Heroes Festival) and as always are well worth checking out:)

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