Tuesday 15 September 2009

The New Dolly Rockers Choon: Considerably Better Than Their Current One.

The Dolly Rockers are a rather jolly new all girl trio who tasted fame briefly during the boot camp/judges houses stages of X Factor 2006 where they were, quite frankly, a bit lame really...

But sure they were only babies then. Nowadays they've re-invented themselves as somewhat of an antidote to the sudden influx of overly coiffed UK girl bands such as The Saturdays, Girls Can't Catch, Bubble G and Louis Walsh's as yet unnamed (and crashingly dull) forthcoming new girlband. Their current extremely witty and cutting debut single Gold Digger rode surprisingly high in the charts recently but still in my opinion suffered a little from not really having much a tune to speak of. However their next single Boys Will Be Boys rectifies that issue more than sufficiently while still maintaining the refreshingly sharp lyrics and pointedly English accents.

P.S. When listening to this choon, does anyone else get the urge to sing "they're so FUCKING boring" as opposed to the original lyric "they're so FRICKIN' boring"?
Just me then?


The Great Mortomer said...

Hmm... I find the lyrics work, but the music sounds very same-ey... There's no transition or development to it per se, it kinda stays on gear 3 for most of the journey to me. But lyrically it is better. :-)

And you're not the only one that feels like it should be "fucking boring", I just don't wanna say it coz we're not boring! Haha! Well, I'm not anyway...;-)

sodthemachine said...

i kinda like the gear 3 really! and no of course boys aren't fucking boing... just frickin' boring;)

The Great Mortomer said...

I dunno, for the kind of music it is (let's be honest, it's designed to be throwaway pop) then it's great. It does it's job, but to me I don't quite feel the song in general, I still feel it needs a change... Like another instrument added in and take away here and there... Shift the dynamic of it a bit more, it all seems a little sparse to me, but then again, if it isn't a MASSIVE wall of sound I don't like it...:-P

P.s. We're SOOO not frickin' boring! We're well interesting! Like uh, yesterday I wrote a song! :-D Now that's better than watching TV any day! ;-)