Saturday 4 April 2009

If You Buy This Album You Have No Respect For Music As A Force For Good And General Awesome-ness.

THIS my friends, is the new album by X Factor 2008 runner-up/tween hysteria inducing antichrist Eoghan Quigg. Now as you can see there are many flaws regarding this album - it's general existance being just one of them. First of all, lets take a closer look at this art work. When did it become acceptable to allow album artwork as piss-poor as this to enter the public domain?No matter how shit the contents of an album, I will always respect a decent album cover(that is why I forgave X Factor 2007 runners up Same Difference)
The next major flaw in this album is the quite frankly rather camp selection of dead-eyed covers on offer - ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know" and Michael Jackson's tribute to the cuddlier side of the bubonic plague, "Ben", to name but a few. These bizarre covers coupled with depressingly half - arsed Busted-Lite style pop rock ditties only serve to highlight the inescapable lame-ness of money-grabbing ventures such as these.

It is laziness like this that gives pop music a bad name.


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