Sunday 9 August 2009

The Next Inevitable Worldwide Pop Smash.

This is Eva Simons.

She is Dutch.

She has epic hair.

She has just released a single entited Silly Boy which for some time was erroneously claimed on the net to be Rhianna's big comback single featuring Lady Gaga...

...this was recently proved not to be the case.

Here is the choon.
(embedding has been disabled cos youtube is being a gimp)

Basically this is an advance warning to prepare yourself for the choon that will inevitably invade your ears for the next couple of months at least when the rest of the world (and daytime radio) finally gets wind of it...

This of course does not make the choon any less epic and generally amazing though so enjoy it now people while you still have the chance!!!

1 comment:

The Great Mortomer said...

Haha, I love it! And not coz of the chugging guitars (I'd actually prefer they weren't there), it really is Rihanna-esque. I can see where people thought it was her and Missus Gaga, and yes, that is ridiculously epic hair!

... Now I REALLY want a DeLorean...