Sunday 21 June 2009

The Most Unlikely Shakespeare Sister Cover You'll Hear All Year.

If you cast your mind back to about 18 years ago you may remember this little early nineties ditty...

Yes, I know... its quite insane isn't it? It's still quite a stirring song though when you remove the video from your head. Ham Sandwich have obviously thought the same thing as they have done a rather lovely cover of it for the recent Sparks N Mind charity album in aid of Irish Depression charity Aware. The best bit is definitely when guitarist/vocalist Podge McNamee sucker punches the listener in the face with the "you better hope and pray" bit... cracking stuff.

Here is a performance of said cover filmed last week in Tower Records for the launch of the album.

The rest of the album contains some nifty covers by the likes of Cowboy X, Le Galaxie and Lisa Hannigan amongst others and only a tenner so well worth buying.

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