Tuesday 31 March 2009

In Loving Memory of...The Chalets

In what may or may not become a regular feature here, every now and then I want to put up a track from now defunct bands that I think should never have split up/killed themselves/overdosed on a drug of their choice.

First up is Irish Indie-pop with the odd synthesizer thrown in band 'The Chalets'. The Chalets formed in 2001 at All tomorrows parties, released a handful of singles, released the spectacular 'Nightrock' Ep in 2004 and the brilliant debut album Check-In on Setanta in 2005 and then combusted for reasons unknown to me (apparantly lack of money being one though). So in tribute to the deceased i'm posting my favourite track from the Nightrock Ep 'Kiss Chasing'. Although it may not be their best song and the closer 'David Boring' is a close second in terms of my favourites the pure and simple pop genius of this song gets me every time.

And you can get it here The Chalets - Kiss Chasing

I can't tell how many but at least one of the guys participates in the the madness that is the 'Warlords of Pez'.

And in a more recent discovery for me (I found out today) Paula and Caomhie a.k.a. Pee Pee and Pony have formed 'Talulah Does The Hula' with a Jessie, a Lauren and a Michael. I haven't quite managed to place the style enough to describe it so head over to their myspace to check out the two tunes available. The 5 piece play Whelans April 26th, tickets €10 are available from WAV box office.

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